Solar and Renewable Energy Minor

UNLV offers an interdisciplinary minor in solar and renewable energy, providing students from a variety of backgrounds with the opportunity to explore this field. The minor degree program is available to all undergraduate students at UNLV through two tracks — one in engineering and science, and another in policy. In addition, various co-curricular activities are provided to further prepare students for careers in the solar and renewable energy fields.

About the Program
UNLV is committed to promoting research and education on a variety of sustainability issues, and renewable energy is an important area of emphasis. This area encompasses the design, development, manufacture, and operation of energy systems that use renewable energy resources, such as solar, geothermal, and wind energy in addition to biodiesel fuels. The study of solar and renewable energy also includes exploration of societal and policy issues associated with energy usage and conservation.

With the goal of expanding understanding of these areas, UNLV has developed an undergraduate minor program in solar and renewable energy through an industry-education partnership with NV Energy, which has provided a $500,000 donation to help establish this program. The goal of the program is to position Nevada and UNLV as leaders in the field of alternative energy through the support of excellent educational programs that advance understanding of the field, build the state's workforce, and stimulate the state and local economy.

To declare the minor, please contact:
Dr. Helen R. Neill
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education & Assessment

Dr. Thomas Piechota
Interim Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate College

Donna Morell
Assistant to the Interim Vice President for Research
SEB 4134

Solar & Renewable Energy Minor Student Intern


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