Solar & Renewable Energy Certificate

The School of Environmental and Public Affairs offers a Graduate Certificate in Solar and Renewable (SRE) Energy. The SRE Certificate is designed for individuals already in possession of either a baccalaureate degree or a graduate degree.  More specifically, the SRE Certificate provides a specialized qualification for career professionals in the energy industry, professionals from other fields and individuals with baccalaureate degrees seeking entry into the renewable energy field, or currently enrolled graduate students seeking an additional specialization. This SRE Certificate is designed to:



Students are required to complete six courses comprising 18 credits of graduate work. All students must take a three course (9 credit hours) core, along with three additional courses selected from six available areas of emphasis. In order to assure exposure to a broad range of topics, concepts, and theories relevant to Solar and Renewable Energy, the general rule is that students cannot choose more than one of their three electives from any of the single “groups,” or emphasis areas listed below. All such combinations of electives must be reviewed and approved by the SRE Certificate governing Advisory Committee.
The Certificate program requires:

  1. ECG 450/650 – Introduction to Solar and Renewable Energy Utilization I (3 credits)
  2. ENV 702 – Environmental Problem Solving (3 credits) or ENV 720 – Natural Resource Valuation (3 credits)
  3. CEM 480/680 – Sustainable Construction (3 credits) or ABS 642 – Solar Energy Applications in Architecture (3 credits)

Plus a total of three electives from the following 6 areas of emphasis:

Energy Policy, Economics and Law

Policymaking, Society and Governance

Built Environment

Geosciences and Environmental Science

Electrical and Computing Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Relationship to Other UNLV Graduate Degrees
Students earning the SRE Certificate may apply for admission into UNLV graduate degree programs as long as they meet the existing admissions criteria for said programs.

Learn more about SRE Certificate admissions requirements and how to apply.

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