PAGA Board 2011-2012 

The Public Administration Graduate Association (PAGA) exists to enhance the educational experience of Master in Public Administration students and Ph.D students in the School of Public Affairs, both part of the Greenspun School of Urban Affairs at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, by fostering communication among professional, alumni, practitioners, faculty and students while providing services to assist students’ education and personal development.


Student membership: $10

PAGA Board 2011-2012

&Professional Student Association (GPSA) and the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) for PAGA or can appoint a representative. He/she is the first signer on all organizational expenditures. In the event an Executive Board position becomes vacant, the president will assume the position’s responsibilities until the position is filled.

The Vice-President of Development is the representative who works closely with the President to coordinate, plan, and implement career and professional development events with students, alumni, members of the community, and other practitioners. He/she coordinates with the Executive Board and faculty to bring speakers to campus. Works with the executive board to maintain and expand the membership of PAGA. He/she facilitates the nomination, selection and presentation of academic, professional, and public service awards. Also organizes other PAGA events such as the orientation for new student and social events.

Maintains the financial records for PAGA and is official second signer on all PAGA accounts. Works close with the executive board to make financial and executive decisions. He/she works with other executive members to coordinate fundraising initiatives. Notifies members of upcoming meetings and events and is official recorder of all PAGA documents and minutes of all official PAGA meetings. He/she works closely with the entire executive board to promote all events in a timely fashion, creates all formal documents including letters of appreciation. Maintains the website and coordinates with the executive board and advisor for surveys distributed to the membership.

Community Relations Representative
Acts as primary representative for students, alumni and community service activities. This includes responsibility for alumni outreach to inform alumni of professional development, community service and social activities. Tracks volunteer hours, organizes and oversees service events, establishes contacts within selected volunteer organizations and alumni of the Department of Public Administration. Acts as a liaison between PAGA and volunteer organizations.